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Car Loan Wiz provides auto loan tips, auto loan calculators and links to the best auto financing rates. If you want help with getting the best car loan or finding the best rates on refinancing your car, then you’ve come to the right place. A great place to start is to run your numbers with our auto loan calculator. Once you’ve determined the type of car loan that best suits your needs, you need to find a reputable lender. Your lender’s auto loan rates should be extremely competitive, and more importantly, not contain a lot of hidden fees and charges. You can get a great deal on your auto loan by bringing the power of the Internet into play title loans online no inspection. By using an online broker, you’ll automatically get the lowest possible loan rates. Why? Because they’re competing for your car loan against every other online loan company, not just the finance guy at the car dealership or the loan officer at your bank. You want your car loan to have:
  • The lowest rates
  • The right loan term
  • The shortest application
  • The quickest approval
  • The fastest loan completion

In all my years in auto financing, I’ve never seen car loans handled any better than they are at Capital One. They show you the rates before you apply!

  • New car 4.99% – Used car 5.65%
  • Choose from 36 to 72 month terms
  • Takes only 5 minutes to apply online
  • You are approved in 15 minutes time
  • Your check arrives next business day!

Capital One is the premier online auto loans broker, arranging thousands of car loans for people like you every day. There are no costly lender fees slipped into your car loans either. Capital One simply matches you with auto loans that have the lowest rates from their pool of national lenders.

When lenders compete – you win!

Auto financing isn’t rocket science and neither is great customer service. Capital One does a tremendous job in both these areas. Don’t get jerked around on your financing by the loan sharks at the car dealership. And don’t be ignored by big banks and held up by their layers of loan approvals. Get your auto loan at Capital One today.

If you want to shop around, here are some other good sites for auto loans:

Road Loans – Offers automotive loans, refinancing, and great lease rates HSBC Auto – Great site for new or used car loans Car Loans – Car site that also arranges auto loans MyAutoLoan – Nice boutique loan site Lending Tree – Tremendous sourcing power, gets you four bank quotes

Take action now because you’ll save $1,500 over getting your car loan through the dealer!

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